About the Author

Tara Jenkinson Cignarella lives in New Jersey with her husband, daughter and son.

A graduate of the Freeman school of Business at Tulane University.

She recently found a passion for words. Lilac Sand is her first novel.

Flutter - Coming Soon

Rainier lives a seemingly charmed life. She has three wonderful children, a house overlooking the Puget Sound and a teaching position at the University of Washington. However, many days she feels lost and alone. She longs to find her way back to feeling alive without thinking about how to live. Missing how she felt before her parents died and her husband became another unfixable fixture around the house, she wants to learn where it all went wrong.

In her search for happiness she replays the reels of her past trying to discover what made her once content. The most profound memories bring her back to college, specifically the day the Western Tiger Swallowtail flew through the snow flurries. Her boyfriend Josh held her hand as Eric, a good friend, joined them. They witnessed the unusual sighting in awe, all for different reasons. Unfortunately, Rainier never imagined how their stories would be altered after that day, in the past as well as in the present.